2nd Year Anniversary since the beginning of the Russian aggression against Ukraine

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KUALA LUMPUR — An event was held today in Kuala Lumpur to mark two years of Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine. Just 2 years ago, on the 24th of February 2022, Russia launched a full-scale invasion with neighbouring Ukraine.

Hosted by the Ukrainian Embassy together with the EU Delegation to Malaysia, with attendance from H.E. David O’Sullivan, EU Sanctions Special Envoy, H.E. Michalis Rokas, Ambassador and Head of the EU Delegation to Malaysia, Ambassador-designate H.E. Edgard D. Kagan of the U.S. Embassy Kuala Lumpur & H.E. Krzysztof Dariusz Dobrowolski, Ambassador of the Embassy of Poland, as well as Ambassadors and representatives from Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, New Zealand and Canada, members of the Malaysian Bar, and International Organisations.

Some of the opening remarks shared on the profound effects, 2 years on from the on-going war, had irreversibly changed the lives for many globally, both from Ukraine & the international community.

H.E. David O’Sullivan, the EU Sanctions Special Envoy, emphasized the EU’s hope that Malaysia will join in imposing sanctions against the Russian Federation.

Ambassador-designate H.E. Edgard D. Kagan from the U.S. Embassy in Kuala Lumpur reaffirmed the United States of America’s unwavering support for Ukraine “#StandWithUkraine”. He also mentioned the remarkable diplomatic efforts of the Ukrainian embassy in promoting Ukraine and combating Russian propaganda.

H.E. Krzysztof Dariusz Dobrowolski, Ambassador of Poland, highlighted Poland’s support for Ukrainian refugees and the significant number of individuals who have crossed the border since the onset of the conflict.

The Ukrainian Embassy played a video for guests from the Stratcom, The Centre for Strategic Communication and Information Security of Ukraine, called “Ecocide” – a 30-minute documentary which demonstrates how the russian armed aggression has already caused and continues to cause damage to the environment of Ukraine, Europe and the World. Russia’s invasion has caused large-scale environmental damage to Ukraine, resulting in unprecedented pollution, collapse of ecosystems and physical elimination of biological species both in Ukraine and throughout the entire region as well as the world. Environmental damage is prohibited under international criminal law.

One of the segments highlighted the severe impacts surrounding The Black Sea, with thousands of Dolphins having been wiped out from high frequency radar equipment used by Russian forces. It documented also the chemical facilities that have been destroyed in the war, contaminating and releasing chemical residue into the greater environment.

As much as 40% of Ukrainian agriculture land has been destroyed. Prior to the War, Ukraine was the 2nd largest Barley producer, the 4th largest Wheat producer, and the 5th largest Corn producer, in the world – to put into perspective, the soil of once great fields of agriculture have turned pink from explosive bombardment & residue.

Petroleum & Gas storage facilities have been destroyed, with 26 silo reservoirs wiped out early in the war. This has led to irreversible ecological damage. The soil today has intermixed with petroleum oils, and the entire water table of river systems have been permanently contaminated, killing almost all marine life.

It is currently projected that dysentery and micro-biological diseases will emerge from this war as one of the leading long-term problems Ukrainians will have to deal with, such as cholera & hepatitis C.

Ending the event, Chargé d’affaires a.i. of the Ukrainian Embassy, Mr. Denys Mykhailiuk shared his country’s profound appreciation for the steadfast support for Ukraine during this time, and shared his appreciation for all those in attendance.

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