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Sabahan Artists Shine Amongst International Talents at Supertoyfest 2024 in Kuala Lumpur

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KUALA LUMPUR: Supertoyfest 2024 wrapped up over the long weekend, marking a successful turnout for fans of the burgeoning Malaysian Toy Arts scene.

With over 43 exhibitors showcasing the country’s top artistic talents alongside international guests, the event was a visual feast at the crowded Greybox exhibit hall @ GMBB, Bukit Bintang.

More than 2,000 visitors attended, engaging with the artists and their creations.

Among the artists were notable Sabahan talents, both newcomers and established names from the land below the wind.

Kenji Chai, a TIMEPieces-featured graffiti artist from Sandakan, Sabah, stood out.

Best known for creating Chaigo the Stray, a globally celebrated icon symbolizing determination and the pursuit of dreams, Chai shared insights into his artistic journey.

He emphasized the greater opportunities in Kuala Lumpur compared to Sabah and highlighted the importance of perseverance and passion in achieving success.

“Basically, why I came to KL was really because there are a lot more opportunities and more people can come to see the art,” Chai explained.

He added that while social media has made it easier for artists everywhere, hard work and perseverance are still essential.

Chai also encouraged fellow Sabahan artists to embrace their talents and overcome shyness, advocating for self-promotion and community engagement.

Aaron Yap, an up-and-coming artist from Kota Kinabalu, known online as The Hoggle Man, also made his mark.

Yap’s vibrant character designs and toy illustrations, influenced by Western pop culture and his own creations, captivated attendees.

Inspired by a previous toy event in 2023, Yap has been working on his designs for nearly nine years.

“Overall, it’s a really great vibe and awesome community,” Yap said, expressing pride in bringing out the Sabahan spirit through his work.

He emphasized the need for local platforms to support Sabahan artists, suggesting that events like Supertoyfest could thrive in Sabah or Sarawak, fostering a stronger artistic community.

Supertoyfest 2024 not only highlighted the dynamic Malaysian Toy Arts scene but also showcased the unique contributions of Sabahan artists, underscoring the region’s creative potential and the importance of supportive platforms for emerging talents.


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