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The SYBIL platform shares innovative ideas to help empower Sabah’s economy

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KOTA KINABALU: Over 100 young business and industry leaders attended a Meet & Greet session with the Sabah Economic Advisory Council (SEAC) at Menara Kinabalu, today.

The dialogue, aimed at enhancing economic development by bringing together entrepreneurs and professionals from various sectors, emphasises the importance of building a team of intelligent problem solvers.

SYBIL Chairman, Ar. James Wong, highlighted the need for young leaders to contribute to Sabah’s economic future, emphasising action over mere talk.

Ar. James Wong

SEAC representative Datuk John Lo, on the other hand, provided detailed insights into current and future government plans for robust economic development in Sabah, covering industries such as oil and gas, energy, investment, tourism, agriculture, logistics, and downstream manufacturing, to mention some.

Datuk John Lo

Participants also shared their views on the First Sabahan Policy and the development of young Sabahan business and economic leaders to secure the state’s future prosperity.

Among issues touched were on the need for quality young leaders for the future of Sabah’s economy, protect Sabah rights, entrepreneurship, professionals (including hi-tech), assertive, innovative, sellf-reliant, visionary, focus on Sabah’s economic and business development, and to refrain from politics.

“Sabah is our state, our home. We must not be alienated to run our businesses in Sabah or Peninsular Malaysia.

“It is important, for the sake of Sabah’s economy and its future generations, that the state train more young Sabah business and economic leaders to continue the current trend of economic growth and restructuring.

“Therefore, this policy is also important to form Sabah’s Young Economic Leaders if we want to successfully implement the government’s long-term economic plan,” said Lo.


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